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Public transport in Budapest


Budapest visitors would have no problem using the city's public transport system as it is one of the best public in the world. It is one of the favorite travel options of some of the Budapest visitors especially those coming from apartments Budapest or from Benidorm apartments and from Liverpool apartments.

Budapest public transport consist of the Metro, which has 3 lines; the M1, M2 and M3 and it is color coded as yellow, blue and the red metro respectively. The Yellow Metro 1 the oldest underground transportation across all Europe still has the old-fashioned charm of the past. The three lines meet at Deak Ter in the central Pest and start the day routes at 5:00 a.m. and end at 11:30 P.M.

The Budapest tram  on the other hand is the most extensive system for above-ground trams and lines 3 and 4 serve most of the tourists routes covering the routes around the ring road encircling the city center while tams 47-49 has routes passing Central Pest then  crossing the river and passing Hotel Gellert. Tram 2 and 19 routes pass the Danube River on Danube and Pest sides.

The blue buses are a pleasant additional public transport in Budapest that serve most routes connected to metro and the tram stations. The trolley bus, which is all colored red shares the public transport load and looks exactly like the bus except that it is runs by powered electric lines. Bus line 70 is most useful for tourists as it cuts through the city center passing by the parliament and Budapest Broadway's Nagymezo utca. It also passes by the Varosliget city park.

Unlike many other world cities, Budapest public transport has a separate night transport when all day transports stop at midnight. The blue night bus serves most of the routes served by the day transport. The ticket is sold as single ride just like the daytime tickets at 290 Forints while the bus driver sold it at 400 Forints. All public transport tickets are sold at the entrance of all stations. It can be sold as single rides but visitors are advised to buy the multi-ride tickets not only for saving money but also for avoiding the confusions and hassles of buying tickets for every transfer or changing of stops.

To experience the old-fashioned train ride, the Hev train serves most of the tourists’ destinations in and around Budapest and the countryside. Tickets can be bought at Penztar window at HEV train stations. A round-trip ticket is most useful and advantageous than the single ride tickets.

All public transport tickets are validated before one can take in any public transport such as the bus, metro, trams, and Hev trains. There are ticket checkers who will check if your ticket is properly validated. Be sure to have your ticket validated by the orange box or red box before entering any public transport.

Budapest public transport is one the most efficient public transport around Europe and it is happy to serve all of Budapest’s visitors.



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